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What People are Saying about NukeNews!!!

Just to say I really like the news module - with the wealth of options and available settings it really does meet all the requirements (and more!) that anyone would want in maintaining a news driven website presence.  One of the great benefits of your site is the ability to really test drive the module in a live setting with full administrator rights to really get a feel for how the module works.

Great functionality in a really great module!


After performing an extensive search of news related modules for DNN I finally decided to contact Orizonti about NukeNews and NukeFeeds. The staff at Orizonti was extremely helpful and promptly answered all of my questions allowing me to move forward with little hesitation. The result is a toolset that will allow us to publish News, Press Releases, Traffic Alerts and site updates in a fashion that we dictate. NukeNews provided every requirement we were looking for and will allow us to manage these tasks at the lowest level possible. With the core DNN modules, we were forced to use high-level technical resources to manage minor updates and our 15 Press Releases a month - clearly something was lacking. With NukeNews though, maintenance can be handled easily by our web site administrators freeing up more expensive developer time for more complicated tasks - and press releases can actually be managed by our PR Department without technical input! The investment was extremely modest compared to what we were prepared to spend. Both tools were purchased, downloaded, installed and configured in a matter of a few hours. The use of these modules saved an estimated three weeks of development time and allowed me to trim two weeks from our already aggressive project schedule (which is a big deal by itself in my book). All this coupled with the fact that we are able to implement a more mature module (fewer
bugs) will undoubtedly reduce maintenance down the road. This was a true win for our organization. Thanks Russel and thank you Orizonti!!
Ryan B.
Program Manager, Software Architecture & Development

Custom Modules

With Orizonti's extensive knowledge of module development for DNN, we've created many custom modules for our customers.  If you need a custom module, contact Orizonti today for a free quote.

NukeNews Description

Overview - Orizonti presents NukeNews 2 was designed from the need to easily allow news submissions and approvals, categorization and posting, flexible archiving and display of archives and finally a flexible, customizable themed look.

New Features for 2.0 - We've added a ton of new features for version 2 of NukeNews.  Below is a highlight of the major features.

  • Upload and attach an image to each article.  Images are resized dynamically for display in news listing and on detail page.
  • Category Security.  You can now set security for specific categories within each module to control who can view specific categories.
  • Category User Selection.  When enabled, it allows users to select which categories of news they wish to have displayed for them.
  • Email subscription.  Registered users can subscribe to news updates and get an email whenever a new item is posted.
  • Email distribution.  Whenever a new article is posted, the option is give to email users who have subscribed to receive updates as well as any role within the portal.
  • Localization.  NukeNews is now fully localized for multi language use.

New Features for v1.4

  • Entire layout completely templated (except admin).  Allows for ultimate flexibility in integrating news or blogs with your site.
  • Search engine friendly.  Removed all postbacks and all content, including archives can now be crawled.  Article titles can be links to full article.  Article title can even be included in actual URL.
  • Optional paging.  All paged content is crawlable with no postbacks.
  • Podcasting.  Support for enclosure tags when publishing files via RSS enables the power of podcasting for your DNN site.
  • Support for articles to links.  Link to external URL, internal page or portal file.
  • Many other features.

New Features  for v1.3

  • Searchable via DNN3 site searches
  • RSS Feed now customizable.
  • Permalinks included with RSS feeds
  • Editable Comments

Key Features

  • New news can be submitted by selected role.
  • News can be "auto-approved" or require approval before posting.
  • Email Notification of new submissions needing approval.
  • News is categorized by customized category list and displayed with associated category image.
  • News entry can be text only or using FTB included in DNN.
  • Flexible archiving options for each article include: never archive, in module configured # days or specifice date.
  • Always show # of articles ensures no "empty" modules from archiving.
  • Archived news is automatically categorized by Month/Year.
  • Available with and without source code.
  • MS SQL data provider included
  • News syndication via RSS
  • Article rating and average rating display
  • Aricle Comments
  • Editable Post Date allows “Release Date“ for posting articles in future which aren't displayed until post date.


As always, all point upgrades are free (ex:  1.1 -> 1.2)

DNN4, DNN5 & DNN6 Tested

Tested with DotNetNuke 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.  Make sure you download the latest version under Support-Downloads.

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